I'd tell you but ...


500314081MB041_Sonisphere_2 (by loudpixels)

anti-flag @ sziget festival 2014; pic by bjornsphoto.


Anti Flag 3 (by Matt Higgs)

Delve in deep now - there drugs are legal
Delve in deep now - these drugs they are even encouraged - advertised!
Delve in deep now - no need to fear global corporations
Delve in deep now - let the pain, blood, and tears of sweatshop workers lull you to sleep…
Justin Sane - Where has my country gone (via vegan-heathen)


"i need you to hold this down for me. don’t let it fall. you’re my guy! and watch your fingers, i don’t want to break them."  

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Riot Fest day two: success. got to see so many awesome bands and I met Anti-Flag. stoked for day three.


Another one from the end of the show in the crowd. #antiflag #riotfest